Three Tests for Detecting Adrenal Fatigue

Doctors and naturopath will help you in detecting any adrenal fatigue in your body. But those who are experts in health believe that they will need more than a test to end up with the conclusion that you have adrenal fatigue. Indeed, you have to visit the doctor more than twice for running several tests. The doctor will examine your body system thoroughly before finally concluded any adrenal fatigue.

Related to this, you have to understand that there are several types of adrenal fatigue test which are usually done by the doctor. There are thyroid test, cortisol test, and neurotransmitter test. These three tests sometimes are combined together to know the symptoms. So, once you have known the kinds of test that will be done by your naturopath, you can have better knowledge in discussing it with them.

Let’s start with understanding the first kind of test: the thyroid test. Within this test, the doctor will get the sample of your blood and examine it. If they find any mild hypothyroidism, it can be that you have adrenal fatigue. This is so since the endocrine system in our body is connected with other body systems. Because of this relationship, when a system in the body isn’t at a good state, another system is affected. Thus, once the pituitary gland has some problems, the thyroid function won’t fully work well too.

The second type of test is cortisol test. This test is the mostly used test by doctors to detect adrenal fatigue. There are several possibilities of cortisol test, whether the doctor takes the sample of your urine, blood, or saliva to examine your cortisol. Each doctor will use different approach of which kind cortisol test will be taken. Most health experts believe that the saliva test is the best way, since it is very accurate in measuring the level of cortisol in the body. Moreover, it can be used to measure the progress of lowering cortisol level once you take medication. In taking this test, the doctor will recommend you to maintain your hydration level, because dehydration will affect the test.

The last type of adrenal fatigue test is neurotransmitter test. Usually, the doctor prefers to hold the test very early in the morning since this test is done by taking the sample of your morning urine. This kind of test is done since neurotransmitter helps the body cells to send messages around the body. Once you have adrenal fatigue, the neurotransmitter function will be reduced.