Therapy for Proteolytic Enzyme and Cancer Treatment

People who are suffering cancer need to know how to treat cancer. Doctors and patients have been using these pioneered cancer treatments for many years. The treatments were great effect but unfortunately there is no news for the people which can be the saddest thing. There is a cancer therapy to cure cancer which is developed by Ernst Krebs. The victim of cancers will need to change their life styles such us doing diet and exercise for their healthy life. Then they will need to be involved with proteolytic enzymes, refined vitamin B-17, and emulsified vitamins A and E for their body.

Vitamin B-17 can kill the cancer, so it will be an anti cancer diet where the victim should consume food such as bitter almonds, apricot kernels, wild blackberries, and alfalfa leaves, and bamboo sprouts. That can be good nutrition for victim of cancer because of those food can be naturally occurring. That would be good to get healthy life for people with cancer doing the diet routine. According to Professor John Beard, pancreatic enzymes (proteolytic enzymes) can destroy the cancer’s cells. The proteolytic enzyme is dealing with the excess of meat to break down the cancer.

The other expert with his nutritional therapy approach is Doctor Max Gerson, a medical doctor. The treatment which is based on the protocol for cancer is becoming exist treatment. That would need nutritional supplements, caffeine enemas, and vegetarian organic raw juicing which will be healing the cancer amazingly. By doing this nutritional therapy by Doctor Gerson, the cause of cancer can be indicated that the victim is lack of nutritional and toxicity. That’s why this nutritional therapy becomes important thing that the victim of cancer needs to do to cure the cancer.

Nutritional therapy from Doctor Max Gerson can be one of the other therapies that can be succeeding in healing the cancer. Doctor Gerson has succeeded for his therapies which make his therapy are effective for cancer. His daughter named Charlotte carried on with the therapy. That is bad that Gerson was poisoned with arsenic in his coffee.

That would be very important for every people to not be nutritional deficiency or toxicity, so they can avoid becoming victim of cancer. Having enough nutrition and the right life style can help them to avoid the cancer live in their bodies. Diet would be the way that the victim of cancer needs to heal the cancer in their bodies.