Polio Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Polio or Poliomyelitis is a disease caused by a virus paralysis, Polio Virus. The polio disease with symptoms such as sudden paralysis on the part or whole of the body. In 1955, the disease has been found to the vaccine due to the hard work and tenacity of a doctor and a scientist from the United States, Jonas Salk. Jonas Salk was born on October 28, 1914. In 1947, Jonas Salk with the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis find a Polio vaccine. In 1947, the disease Polio is a deadly disease and loss of many lives in the United States. Jonas Salk, in 8 years, he had managed to find a vaccine for Polio disease.

Polio or Poliomyelitis is a disease that can cause paralysis, the disease mostly affects children, but did not rule out adult are also affected by this disease. That why, we should vaccinate our families to increase immune for Polio virus.img by pakistantoday

How Polio Disease Can be Infection ?

Polio can be infected through oral and nasal cavity, and then proliferate in our body, especially the digestive tract and the esophagus. This virus is able to enter the human circulatory system and can weaken the muscle,  because of that, paralysis can be occur. In general, usually through the saliva of patients infected with polio can lead us, besides human waste polio disease can still cause us to contracting polio. Infection of polio disease can also be caused by several things, such as have not received the polio vaccine, was in a lot of areas affected by polio and could also be due to the extreme fatigue of the body. Excessive stress can also make the body can be attacked by the polio virus is because when stress and fatigue, the immune system becomes weaker.

Symptoms of Polio

Common symptoms of poliomyelitis is usually marked occurrence of paralysis in some organs or whole after experiencing a high fever. Therefore, as much as possible if you do not underestimate the fever. In particular, polio can be divided into three types, and each of the three types has its own symptoms.

Polio Non Paralysis

This kind of polio has muscle cramps are common symptoms of the neck and back, and accompanied by nausea and a high fever.

Polio Paralysis

More severe symptoms of the disease compared with non-paralytic polio disease, because this Polio Disease attacks the spine that is by attacking the anterior horn cells.

Polio Bulbar

This is the type of polio that the most likely to cause death. Bulbar polio can attack the brain due to the weakening of the immune system so that the whole organ damage, be it the movement of the eye, lung function, heart and other vital organs.

Prevention of Polio Disease

Polio virus can be contagious and incurable, which is why we are obliged to vaccinate for polio virus. Here are the ways of prevention against Polio Disease:

Polio Immunization, with this immunization with polio vaccine can minimize risk to infected Polio virus.

Keep clean and clear.

Stay away in location is the case of polio.

Polio virus is not resistant to high temperatures.

Thus the explanation of polio, what is polio, how it is transmitted and how to prevent it. I hope this article can be useful and make our body always healthy.