Great Benefit of Royal Jelly to Human Health

Have you ever observed the bees before? Do you realize that the queen bee is relatively has longer life than the worker bees? Yes, it is true, the queen are stronger than the workers and have longer life expectancy. It is happens since the queen bees are fed with royal jelly. This nutritional food is actually produced by the worker bees inside their beehives for all the larvae. But, the candidates of the queen bee are fed bigger portions of royal jelly than others, which making them more powerful.

Nowadays, royal jelly has been extracted from the hives as a nutritional food for human. Many companies have mass-produced it and marketed it around the world in the form of sweet solution or pills. Indeed, it has many benefits too for us, like what it does to the queen bees. The first important benefit is protecting our body from cancer. Those who suffer from cancer, such as breast cancer, can consume it every day to suppress the blood reaching the tumors.

Meanwhile, it is an alternative medication for reducing high cholesterol. It is effective in decreasing bad cholesterol in our body. Through daily consuming it, the lipoprotein will be reduced. Royal jelly is good to be consumed by all ages, especially because it helps preventing any osteoporosis forming in the bones. The nutrition in royal jelly helps our bone in absorbing more calcium, thus making us have healthier bones.

Moreover, through times, royal jelly keeps the function of our liver. It helps through cleaning the toxins that polluting the liver. In case you are concerned with skin beauty, royal jelly can help you maintaining the health of your skin. It contains many vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, and also zinc and acetyl-choline, which improve the production of collagen in the body, making the skin look healthier. Meanwhile, the hormones, nucleic acids and some other nutrition in royal jelly helps the renewal process of the skin, making any skin wound heal faster.

In case there are any of your family members suffer from heart disease, Alzheimer, and arthritis, it is a brilliant idea to supplement their daily medication with royal jelly. It has been tested to TNF-alpha, IL-6, or IL-1 that are known as the proteins that support the inflammation, royal jelly is shown good result as it is able to prevent the compounds above making any inflammation. Related to serious disease of blood pressure and sugar, royal jelly reduces high blood pressure as it prevents any vessel constriction. The nutrition in royal jelly helps people with high blood sugar indication by suppressing the amount of insulin triglyeceride. So, now you believe that royal jelly is beneficial for your health. Thus, don’t hesitate to consume it!